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How to control RGB LED using Arduino Uno

RGB LED is the abbreviation of ‘’Red Green Blue Light Emitting Diode’’. RGB LED is the most amazing type of LED which has the ability to create millions of different shades of light colors using red, green, and blue colors.
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How to operate DC motor using Arduino

A direct current motor (DC motor) is a very basic type of motor. DC motor has amazing features like higher starting torque, variable speeds based on provided input voltage, rapid starting and stopping, cheaper controlling than AC motors.

How to operate push button with Arduino

Push buttons are the basic on-off switching buttons most commonly used in less to highly complex electronic devices. Push buttons are able to connect two points whenever they are pressed. Push-button acts as a manually operated control device. When the button is pressed that means the short circuit is achieved between two points. On the other side when the button is not pressed then the open circuit or no connection developed between the points.

How to operate soil moisture sensor with Arduino

The soil moisture sensor is the most amazing sensor used to measure the quantity of water present in the soil and defines the moisture level of the soil as the output. Because of its amazing operating principle, this sensor is used in applications such as automatic irrigation systems, agriculture research applications, landscape irrigation, indoor planting system, and lawns. I have also made an advanced level project  "Smart Plant Watering System" using a soil moisture sensor.

Buzzer with Arduino

A buzzer or piezo speaker is an audio signaling device commonly used to produce sound. Piezo buzzer produces sound based on the reverse principle of the piezoelectric effect. The buzzer is a less costly and light-weighted electronic device that’s why it is used in computers, alarm devices, refrigerators, microwave oven, security devices and so on. 

Bluetooth module with Arduino

HC-05 Bluetooth module is used for wireless communication. It is designed to replace the wired connection. It requires a wireless serial connection setup to communicate with devices.  HC-05 Bluetooth module can be operated in master or slave configuration.   It uses serial port UART to communicate with devices. It can communicate with devices maximum range up to 10 meters with data transfer rate up to 1 Mbps. Because of its amazing features, it used in multiple applications such as home automation, wireless robot, industrial control units, wireless mouse, GPS receivers, etc.

How to operate LDR using Arduino Uno

A light-dependent resistor (LDR) is the light-sensitive device most frequently used to measure the intensity of the light. Light-dependent resistors are also known as photoresistors whose resistance increases as the intensity of light decreases which helps to identify the presence and absence of light.

How to use temperature sensor with Arduino Uno

The temperature sensor is the most popular measuring device which is capable to sense the intensity of heat generated by the object to which it is connected. These sensors are most frequently used by us through our household devices such as microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and so on. In this tutorial, we will learn about LM35 (LM means linear monolithic) temperature sensor which is an integrated circuit analog temperature sensor.

How to use LCD with Arduino Uno

Liquid crystal Display 16x2 (LCD) is a widely used electronic device to establish communication between the real world and the electronics-based machine world.

Locker guard based on Arduino Uno

You can protect your locker using this simple locker guard system. This system generates a beep sound whenever someone attempts to open the locked safe. This system generates an alert sound when some light falls on it, in an open condition. If someone tries to open it then defiantly some light will fall inside the locker, that light will be detected by the Light-dependent resistor and the buzzer will generate an  alert beep sound.

Smart Plant Watering System Using ARDUINO UNO

As we all know, plants play an important role in our life, there are countless benefits we get from plants but the most important is fresh air and the pleasant atmosphere on the earth. Hence,   It is not only our social duty as well as the responsibility that we should plant trees as much as we can and also take care of them. But  the biggest challenge we face, is, taking care of them,