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How to control RGB LED using Arduino Uno

RGB LED is the abbreviation of ‘’Red Green Blue Light Emitting Diode’’. RGB LED is the most amazing type of LED which has the ability to create millions of different shades of light colors using red, green, and blue colors.

How to operate LDR using Arduino Uno

A light-dependent resistor (LDR) is the light-sensitive device most frequently used to measure the intensity of the light. Light-dependent resistors are also known as photoresistors whose resistance increases as the intensity of light decreases which helps to identify the presence and absence of light.

How to use temperature sensor with Arduino Uno

The temperature sensor is the most popular measuring device which is capable to sense the intensity of heat generated by the object to which it is connected. These sensors are most frequently used by us through our household devices such as microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and so on. In this tutorial, we will learn about LM35 (LM means linear monolithic) temperature sensor which is an integrated circuit analog temperature sensor.

How to use LCD with Arduino Uno

Liquid crystal Display 16x2 (LCD) is a widely used electronic device to establish communication between the real world and the electronics-based machine world.