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How to control RGB LED using Arduino Uno

RGB LED is the abbreviation of ‘’Red Green Blue Light Emitting Diode’’. RGB LED is the most amazing type of LED which has the ability to create millions of different shades of light colors using red, green, and blue colors.

How to operate DC motor using Arduino

A direct current motor (DC motor) is a very basic type of motor. DC motor has amazing features like higher starting torque, variable speeds based on provided input voltage, rapid starting and stopping, cheaper controlling than AC motors.

How to operate push button with Arduino

Push buttons are the basic on-off switching buttons most commonly used in less to highly complex electronic devices. Push buttons are able to connect two points whenever they are pressed. Push-button acts as a manually operated control device. When the button is pressed that means the short circuit is achieved between two points. On the other side when the button is not pressed then the open circuit or no connection developed between the points.